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Guido’s “On the Hill”

Located in the Heart of “The Hill”, Guido’s Pizzeria and Tapas offers the best of Mediterranean Cuisine. With a menu full of Classic Italian Fare and Traditional Spanish Entrees and Tapas, delivering a “Taste of Spain in the Middle of Italy”. With made-to-order dishes, like Guido’s Homemade Lasagna, Tapas Calientes and rich Caramelized Flan. Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInGooglePinterestEmailPrint

Guido’s Deluxe Pizza

Baked onto a crisp St. Louis-style crust in an traditional stone-deck oven, the Guido’s Deluxe is a local favorite. Sausage, Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Onions and Green Peppers top St. Louis’ signature Provel and tomato sauce base. We recommend washing this down with a Peroni or Moretti La Rossa. Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInGooglePinterestEmailPrint


According to Italian folklore, the Tortellini noodle was inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the goddess Venus’ navel. This ring-shaped pasta is a local favorite, generously filled with beef and pork, lightly tossed in a cream sauce with peas, proscuitto and parmesan cheese. This dish pairs nicely with a Alois Lageder or Felsina Chardonnay. Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInGooglePinterestEmailPrint

Bacalao a la Vizcaina

Bacalao (or salt cod) is a decadent Spanish dish traditionally prepared to commemorate special occasions. Guido’s recipe takes broiled Biscay-style Cod and smothers it in a tomato, onion, olive oil and red pepper sauce. We recommend that you pair this hearty dish with a flavorful Tempranillo or Grenache. Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInGooglePinterestEmailPrint

Mejillones en Salsa de Jerez

Delicate and simple, Guido’s Mejillones en Salsa de Jerez (Mussels in Sherry Sauce) are steamed to perfection in a signature sherry pepper sauce. Pair this with a refreshing Nino Franco Prosecco or Lagaria Pinot Grigio. Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInGooglePinterestEmailPrint

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